In the years before, the only way one could back up their data was to store them in flash disks, pen drives, external hard drives, and other storage devices. However, this has proven not to be a reliable method of storing files given that the storage devices may end up getting lost or damaged.

Thankfully, with the emergence of cloud computing, you no longer have to invest in physical storage units. You can now store your files and data online in cloud storage and retrieve them later when the need arises.

Goloady.com is just but one of the many online providers offering file hosting and sharing services. However, is it the best? Let’s find out.

What is Goloady.com?

Goloady is an online storage platform that allows you to backup your media files on the internet. With Goloady, you do not require physical storage devices such as pen drives, hard disks or flash sticks to store your files. This platform essentially allows you to store, manage, share, delete and access your files at any time and from anywhere.

Moreover, you can use any device such as your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, to manage your files on this platform as long as the device is internet-enabled. The best part is that joining Goloady is free, but you are advised to sign up for a Goloady premium account to benefit from additional features.

Background Information

Goloady is one of the new players in the file hosting space. Apparently, the company has been in business for only one year since its launch in October 2018. The owners of the company seem to be in Panama, but their website and data centers are located in the United States.

Joining Goloady.com

Joining Goloady is free. In the same breath, the process of signing up is very easy. You only need to fill out a username, your email address and create a password. You can then choose to upgrade to a Goloady premium account right away or opt to remain as a free. However, free membership has several restrictions that may affect your experience with Goloady. For this reason, it is always a wise idea to upgrade to Goloady premium.

User Interface

goloady interface

The Goloady user interface is simple and very easy to use. The menus and other selectable options are well arranged and easily navigable. Moreover, you can view everything about your account, including your profile, billing history, used space, used bandwidth and session history all in one place. This makes it easy for registered users to manage their files and accounts. The only concern is that Goloady is only available in English.

Is Goloady Safe?

When it comes to security, Goloady is undeniably one of the safest hosting providers around. Apart from creating a password, you have to generate a 4-digit security code that you will use for security-related requests such as deleting files. The security pin ensures the safety of your account, subsequently keeping hackers and unauthorized users at bay. Moreover, the website uses SSL encryption for all payment transactions when upgrading to Goloady premium.

Operating your Goloady Account

Operating your account is very easy given that Goloady has very reasonable system requirements. Apparently, you only need access to an internet-enabled device running on Windows XP or higher to use Goloady services. Alternatively, you may use your smartphone or tablet so long as it connected to the internet and it has a supported browser.

Goloady makes it easy for everyone to transfer files to the platform. Moreover, you can upload any type of file, including music, photos, videos, documents, contacts and flash files among others.

However, free members may only transfer files using browser upload while Goloady premium account holders may transfer files via browser upload, FTP upload, and remote upload.

Upgrading to Goloady Premium Account

Account type:FreePremium
Download speed:150kb/sMaximum
Download restriction:45 seconds2 TB Bandwidth per month
Accelerators supported:NoYes
Download without any time delays:NoYes
No ads:NoYes
Resume aborted downloads:NoYes
Unlimited parallel downloads:NoYes
Download by direct linkNoYes
File Size Limit1 GB10 GB
When are your files deleted?30 DaysNever
Storage50 GB500 GB

Free membership has several limitations ranging from limited storage space to slow transfer speeds. Free members can only access up to 1 GB of storage while transfer speeds not depend on your internet service provider. Considering this, it is important to upgrade to a Goloady premium account to benefit from expansive storage space and faster upload speeds.

Goloady Premium Features

Unlike free membership, Goloady premium comes with many features, for a splendid file sharing experience. Some of the most popular premium features include:

500 GB storage – Free members get 1GB of storage while premium members enjoy up to 500GB storage space.

Ad-free sharing – You do not have to enter Captcha codes or deal with annoying ads when transferring files

Unlimited speeds – Goloady premium does not cap upload/download speeds.

Resumable downloads – You can pause and resume your downloads at anytime without having to go through the entire process again.

24/7 email support – You may contact support at any time for help.

Rates and Payment Options

The process of upgrading your account to platinum is equally simple. After logging into your account, you have to click on the upgrade’ button to register for Goloady Premium.

Goloady offers four premium plans available at different rates. These include:

goloady price

Accepted payment options include

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill, Bitcoin
  • NetCash
  • Trustpay
  • Dot Pay
  • Neosurf
  • Webmoney
  • Among other methods.

Help and Customer Support

Goloady has a well-written FAQ section where you can get the answers to all your queries. However, if you need more help, you can always contact support via their “contact us” page. The only drawback is that getting a response via this method might take some time. To enjoy 24/7 email support, you are advised to upgrade to a Goloady premium account.


Goloady is a great platform for file hosting and sharing. The website provides users with various tools that they can use to store and manage their files. However, if you want to enjoy advanced features it is imperative that you upgrade your account to Goloady premium. With a premium account, the options are almost endless, and you have full control over your files. The best part is that premium rates are reasonable, and you may pay for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your preferences.